2008-03-09 Sea/Limbus Farming

When? Sunday Mar. 9th @ 6.00pm EST (5:00pm CST, 4:00pm MST, 3:00pm PST)
Where? Gather together in Port Jeuno
What? Limbus/Sea Farming

Please read our guide on Limbus before coming.

Gather together in Port Jeuno. As soon as we get enough folks to head out, we'll head to Sea and farm organs.

This week, I will be coming MNK and Elf will be coming PUP. We will be trying to take out the lower level Yorvas for the organ drops needed for the quest In the Name of Science (because at least 2 of us are where we're only lacking those organs). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, unless you have Sublte Blow do not attack the UFO. The last time we went all apeshit and tried to smack it down with brute force we wiped. This time, we're going to be trying some finesse :-)

Limbus will begin at 7pm EST (6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST), or roughly one hour after we meet for Sea farming.

We currently have 0 coins in the pool this week.