2007-12-16 Limbus Farming

When? Sunday Dec. 16th @ 6.00pm EDT (5:00pm CDT, 4:00pm MDT, 2:00pm PDT)
Where? Gather together in Port Jeuno
What? Limbus
Why? Farming

Please read our guide on Limbus before coming.

Gather together in Port Jeuno. We will leave by 6:30pm. If you are late, you won't be able to join us.

If we can get the folks we will probably do Tenemos - Western again. However, if we don't have enough folks (or, if people don't want to do Tenemos) we can do SE Apollyon again.


This was a great run guys! Simply amazing, especially considering our THF was .... ahem... caught in traffic :-P

I'd wager we wont be able to get this many people together again until the new year (just being realistic), but when we next do, let's have our group take on Tenemos again... We should be able to school that one.

Other Interests

I'm interested in wrapping up the ToAU missions, finishing RoZ (Ark Angels and Awakening), and/or playing around in WotG. Would anyone else be interested in these on the weekends? Also, how are we going to get past When Angels Fall (CoP 8-3)? Try to find a couple of high level BLMs?


I'd be interested, I'm just on a lot less these days... so time is precious.

CoP 8-3 we need to have ICD be BLM and maybe wait for Jan to get RDM or BLU higher...

Or we could just do them in pick-ups :-)