Introduction to ClanAM End-Game

We have quite a few new people who've joined lately, and I'd personally like to welcome them into the group.

I'd also like to point them to some of the online information about ClanAM End-Game. See, Clan of the Angry Monkey started back in 1997 or so when we used to play Unreal Tournament. When FFXI came out, many of us got into the game so ClanAM FFXI was born. Eventually, many of our members were getting burned by the politics and drama found in the HNMLS scene, so a need for a ClanAM End-Game LS was born.

When we formed ClanAM EG, we authored this manifesto which detailed exactly what we were looking for in an End-Game LS. I'd highly recommend reading it if you haven't already.

ClanAM FFXI, however, recently ended (largely due to my waning interest there). So now, ClanAM EG is the only ClanAM LS currently active in FFXI. We don't require our members be exclusively ours (we feel it's stupid when an HNMLS does), so we don't require you to leave your other LSes or stop attending events in other LSes. In fact, if we can't help you with something with our rather limited weekly events, we encourage you to look outside of our fold. We also don't require strict attendance of every event. If you don't come, the worst penalty you'll accrue is some harmless razzing (*ahem* Xill). We do encourage you to come as it usually will help everyone, but it's not a requirement.

Anyway... once again, welcome to the new guys, glad to have you on board :-)

If you're curious about other things in ClanAM, check these links:

oh blah

blah I come when I can :p

/welcome new people!

"harmless razzing"

Heh, I did say "harmless razzing" :-P

Also, you wouldn't be missed so much if you weren't our only refresher :-)