2007-10-14 Limbus Farming

When? Sunday Oct. 14th @ 7.00pm EDT (6:00pm CDT, 5:00pm MDT, 4:00pm PDT)
Where? Gather together in Jeuno
What? Limbus
Why? Introductory Farming

Please read our guide on Limbus before coming.

Gather together in Port Jeuno. We will leave by 7:30pm. If you are late, you won't be able to join us.

This time, if we get as many as we had last time plus a RDM, we will probably go for Tenemos - Western. This will be radically different from the ones we've gone to previously in that it will not look like Promivion.

However, if we do not get enough, we will likely return to SE Apollyon again.

Airship O/U Victory

Finally got a win.....58 seconds left! Ill try and get the other fights done before Sunday if I can.

Holy crap!


Sorry I've been too busy to make a post.... Hey, are you gonna be playing on Saturday at all? Maybe we could try then...

Sunday night airship try

Well, no win.

I solemnly swear I will ....never....never....never....get in a party like that again. The shout for Airship fight was a ruse. People hadn't even done the detector fight yet. So I did that....twice...spaced an hour apart, after an hour wait to even start that. It was 4 hours before we even attempted the airship fight. The origional person who shouted in the first place had left after about 2 hours, and it became a cluster of taru's, mithra's, cats and dogs....And 3 folks who were trying to show who had the biggest...um, tail. Well, needless to say, they were all wrong. I did know better, but what the hell...no exp loss. I can tell you exaclly how not to fight mammets, and how not to control aggro on O/U. I think i'm an expert on that now.
Well, i'd like to try again...I still have a ccb, and would be happy to farm some more. This group talked about Wednesday retrying, but if that mix is the same, count me out. It may be others attending, so I'll check it out and let you know if I have to re-count the nails on the airship deck again.

If everyone is on tonight,

If everyone is on tonight, im up for a run


Sorry, I wasn't....

27th was my birthday and my wife took me out.

Also, I've been crazy busy with work these last few weeks and have only been able to get on in the game on Sunday.

CoP 6-4 Airship fight

If anyone would like to help, I still need 6-4 airship fight O/U. I have one CCB, and will supply those and/or farm them for those willing to help. I can't expect anyone else to supply gil for this fight, so any items you buy or need, I will reimburse. I can/will help farm for chips too. Seems like Sunday afternoon is the best time for ClanAm, but I can do most anytime. I know this is saturday eve, and wasn't sure of my plans for tomorrow until now, but I can go Tomorrow afternoon, or the following Sunday if this messages doesnt get around....pretty much let me know when you can or would like to do it, and i'll adjust. It would be nice to join you folks for Limbus!

Even though Im not home to

Even though Im not home to get on and say lets do this for him. I know both IC and I are game for doing this vs Limbus if everyone else is up for it.

IC and I both should be thre

IC and I both should be thre