2007-11-03 : CoP Tenzen Battle?

Update : Sat. 9pm EDT (8 CDT, 7 MDT, 6 PDT)... Meet in Sea Lions Den

Apparently Sloth is on Tenzen, would anyone be available and interested in helping him get Sea for our normal Sunday Limbus?

What I was thinking was we would try Tenzen sometime on Saturday 11/03... I have no idea when (or even if) Sloth is available then...

Please comment on your thoughts.

As an aside, next week I will be gone for a week on a business trip, so our next event that I host will be after November 12th.


I always forget the 3 NM fights.... and that's really what we did tonight instead.

We did try Tenzen, but did not succeed due to lacking one more melee.


Thank you. Ill show up a bit early and see whats up.


I can play Saturday evening. IC and Jano can come after 9pm eastern Sat. I think. Is that too late for run?
I have the Bibiki Bay, Carpenter Landing, and Lufasie Meadows fights yet, but I think I can get all but Carpenter landing solo'd.

Works for me

And I suspect it'll work for Trix (but I can't say for certain until one of us talks to him).

Anyway, let's aim for that.